From the large breeding shed row to the individual pleasure horse mare, Colts Head Veterinary Services can help your horse produce a healthy foal. We dedicate morning hours strictly for reproduction during the spring breeding season.

Our veterinarians perform rectal palpations and ultrasounds to monitor a mare’s cycle, embryo implantation, and fetal development, all at your farm. Colts Head Veterinary Services can breed your mare with your choice of either cooled or frozen semen. If further diagnostics are needed, we can acquire uterine cultures (performed in our lab for quick results) and uterine cytology, then institute appropriate therapy. We also offer breeding assistance, semen collection and evaluation.

A healthy foal is always the goal of our breeding efforts. We will help keep your mare healthy during pregnancy with a vaccination program with mailed reminders and a customized deworming program. Our veterinarians are available 24 hours a day for foaling assistance and consultation. We will meet your new arrival during the critical post-partum mare and foal exam. Our practice can test foal IgG levels to ensure adequate transfer of antibodies from mare to foal, evaluate the mare’s colostrum, and administer colostrum or plasma when indicated.